An early return

I have had to end my tour prematurely here is my account of one of the most eventful days whilst I’ve been away.  My Internet has been an arse today so no pictures I’m afraid. 

On Wednesday morning I went to walk accross the road and got hit by a car.  I don’t know why I didn’t see the car coming I am however forever grateful that the driver of the car sa me and slammed on the brakes.  I picked myself of the road and walked to a tree to sit against as a witness of the incident called the Police and Ambulance. 
I was taken straight to Westerede hospital by Paramedics, the medic who sat with me asked me questions and apologised for his bad English (really it was fine).  He was great making me feel calm about what has happened.  Once at the hospital I was treated brilliantly.  There was a doctor who spoke good English when she apologised for not communicating better when she was clear and understandable.  I was then cleaned up by a nurse who was forever apologising for hurting me as she cleaned my various scuffs.  I had thorough scans and X rays and was then allowed to leave 6 hours later. Miraculously nothing broken just battered and bruised. 

Upon departure from the hospital I met a face I recognised from the morning.  The eyewitnesses of my accident who called the emergency services had come to pick me up his name was Wilhelm.  Then we went on a whirlwind route to collect my belongings from the campsite where I’d been staying.  He then insisted I stay at his holiday apartment that looked over the lake only after having some dinner. 

Yesterday I organised a flight home and left my bike and belongings in Germany to be collected at a later date.   
I have been left stunned by the medical staff and Wilhelm for being so kind and generous to me.  I wasn’t sure if I liked Germany much until the events on Wednesday which have rocked me emotionally both good and bad.  There are good people everywhere it is a shame you don’t hear about them more often.

Of course it was sunny in Germany yesterday, I’m back home in Wales and it’s raining I woukldn’t want to be anywhere else right now. 

My Internet is being daft so I haven’t been able to attach many pics.

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