Take the rough with the smooth on the road.

So I set off from the Lucky Lake hostel with enthusiasm.  I want to see what the almost featureless landscapes will provide in the coming days. 

After a few days staying in fairly ordinary campsites I find one that looks interesting so aim to get to Nij Beets for the evening.  As the day progresses and the sun starts to take its toll I contemplate stopping earlier than planned.  I push to set off and somehow at maybe 10mph fall spectacularly off Ruth and onto the road.  I sit up and shake my limbs to check and it seems I’m ok. That is until I start counting the scrapes I’ve just picked up, just 4 different places I forgot how much grazes hurt. 


My elbow took the brunt of the fall. But my ankle is not good.


This is a feeling that I’ve not had since childhood the way that the searing sting of a graze takes me back to being 10 years old.  I decide to push on not wanting to give up.

I made it to a beautiful site which has resident animals too! Such a relief to have some peace after a hard days ride.


This goat was lonely but enjoyed a good scratch on her head.


Chickens that will provide an egg for breakfast tomorrow. 


Amazing breakfast the following day with doggy bag so I took some away for lunch. The peace and great hospitality has helped lift my spirits from where I was the previous afternoon.  Onward to Groningen.


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