Setting off on a new adventure.

This is a a long awaited first blog post about my travels.  I have already done one tour this year from home through Wales into England then around the West coast of Ireland.  I meant to do a blog before I left in April but I ran out of time.


This is my bike, her name is Ruth.

The plan for the immediate future is to do a tour around Europe with the focus on going up to the Baltic states and then down into Eastern Europe.  I haven’t set a definite route as I will be touring alone I tend to make spontaneous decisions which keep things interesting.  I hope to use this blog as a way of documenting my travels where possible using my smartphone so the posts will likely be quite short.  I’m hoping to leave tomorrow.


This is my attempt to improve my aerodynamics for the road

One thought on “Setting off on a new adventure.

  1. Great work Morgan – keep the posts coming! Not sure whether you take requests but I would like to know where the name ‘Ruth’ (a fine looking lady) comes from?


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